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Hi everyone, Happy May and it's time for my late spring cleaning so
I'm cleaning out my closets and selling my amazing MA'CLAIM finest photorealistic graffiti book and Steampunkery by Christi Friesen on ebay this week!! I will have several craft books, art books, and children's books listed too this weekend.

Great opportunity for artists, illustrators, collectors, picture book, and fairytale lovers
to start or expand your own library!!
Don't miss out!…
Original one of a kind art dolls, fairies, artwork and 3D illustration by Rosanna Pereyra
rosannasart ETSY Shop Announcement
Original one of a kind art dolls, fairies, artwork and 3D illustration by Rosanna Pereyra
From now until December 25 take 15% OFF all items!!
Use coupon code FAIRYTALE at checkout.
Preparing for Monster Mash Show October 5th!!
Here's a sneaky little peek at some of my monsters for fall! The sad little blue monster guy is going to the
Bear and Bird Gallery MONSTER MASH Show!! I will debut them both on October 5th.
The peachy pink guy is already spoken for but if you happen to like how they look and would like to see more or buy one I am making several to put in my Etsy shop on October 5th in celebration of the Monster Mash show and Halloween!!

****I will also be adding some fairy pixie babies in my Etsy shop this Friday, September 14th, so stop by!****
Happy September everyone see you soon!!
Hi everyone!
I'm excited to share my new online sculpting class with you.
A while back I was asked by Donna Kato, the creator of Kato Clay and founder of CraftArtEdu to come up with a class that people who couldn't take one of my classes in person could still learn and get a personal experience.

I wanted to offer my students a character class that isn't too difficult or expensive with step by step instructions.

In this intermediate sculpting class, I will teach you how to make two "mature" ladies, the Serious Granny and the Smiling Granny Bust. Learn how to breathe life and expression into these ladies as you sculpt, paint, wig, clothe, and create the stands on which they will sit.
Includes 15 page downloadable handout.

To make the class even more enjoyable and easier to complete, I only used supplies that can
be easily found at Michaels, Joanne's or most craft supply stores. This class is also very forgiving and so much fun! With just a few basic supplies and my help, you will create
a one of a kind work of art.

Check out my free preview over at CraftArtEdu.…
I hope you enjoy the class!!
The 2 fairy sweeties are will be joined by a new sibling in my ETSY store this weekend and ready to go to their new homes!
They will make a wonderful gift for a baby shower, a bridal shower, a christening, birthday or any special occasion that calls for a unique and thoughtful gift.
Valentine's Day is right around the corner so don't delay!
If you live outside of the US and want to purchase them please feel free contact me for shipping costs.


I will only be making 17 more babies.
I have several projects and commissions, so if you like them please don't wait too long to get one.

I will be listing a little puck baby next weekend so visit often!
The 2 fairy sweeties are now in my ETSY store and ready to go to their new homes with you!
If you live outside of the US and want to purchase them please feel free contact me for shipping costs.

I will only be making 18 more babies.
I have several projects and commissions, so if you like them please don't wait too long to get one.

I was invited by the amazing Donna Kato to teach an online class at Craftedu and we came up with something whimsical and unique or all of you out there.
I will give you all of the details on Monday!!

Have a great weekend,

I have had many requests for my fairy/pixie babies but until now you could only
purchase them at benefit auctions or win one as a gift.

I am happy to announce that I will be offering them and accepting commissions
for them on my ETSY STORE!

The first one has been reserved by Rosa and she has requested similar colors to a
previous one I made.

One of a kind fairy/pixie babies.
They are approx. 5.5 inch tall. The head is hand sculpted from a blend of polymer clays then baked over an armature. It is then painted with oil paints and acrylic washes to give it a natural muddied baby skin tone. Hand dyed tibetan lambs wool is then applied lock by lock for the hair. The body is soft cotton that has been weighted and swathed in different layers of cotton and gauze that I have hand dyed.
The doll is not removable from the blanket.
It can be displayed as is or hung from its cord from a hook or a little branch.
It will arrive with an adorable one of a kind certificate as well.

***If you contact me you can customize your fairy/pixie babies
hair color : white,blonde, brown, red and black
Freckles or none
Flowers and crystals will be added onto the side of the head for little girls upon request.
I cannot reproduce my dolls but I can make a similar color combo.

They make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, baby showers, and
any time you want to give a unique handmade gift.

I hope you visit my shop soon

kindest regards,
Here is an end of the year character doll made for Art Dolls Only
quarterly challenge. The theme was Goth so I went in a creepy cute younger direction
instead of the usual. She is approx. 7 inches tall with head, hands and boots sculpted in polymer clay.
Her body is wire armature with foam, cotton and weighted.
Her outfit is also hand made from silks, tulle, cotton, netting, lace and ribbon.

I wish you all a happy and creative 2012!!

Rosanna Pereyra
Here's a small piece I just made for the Tragic Ending Challenge.
It is Ariel, the Little Mermaid, turning to foam.
I always thought it was such a sad story (Hans Christian A, not Disney version)
so naturally
it was the first thing that came to mind for this challenge.
Here is the first step
I sculpted and painted the face
Then onto sculpting the "water" and "foam"
Last is painting and giving wet effect to waves and foam
I hope you can see the bubbles
and the tears in her eyes.
I have one more really simple piece I'm working on for this week
so I will be back to post this weekend.
This was a project for a challenge on my artdoll group called ADO (art dolls only). I worked on the Day of the dead theme as well as a marionette theme. I used polymer clay for the artdoll, porcelain clay for the flowers and air dry paper clay for the skeleton marionette. Please visit my blog for more info
Our first ADO E-zine will be released by the end of this week!!!!
So if you like artdolls please visit my blog for more info and a preview of the e-zine!
Peculiar Playmates Show Reminder!
Hi everyone, just a quick hello and reminder that the Peculiar Playmates Show began Saturday, August 7, 2010  and ends September 25, 2010.
I had such an awesome time making these pieces. I hope you all get a chance to view the works, if not in person then online at  

I wish you all a Happy New Year!! May 2010 be a year that brings many new friendships, ideas, and great success to us all!!!
Hi everyone! First off-THERE IS NUDITY HERE!!! so I apologize to those that are offended in any way-that is not my intention. Now, on with the show-Here are some WIP pics of the work for Small Stuff 3.   These pictures are just horrible and not accurate in color. I was in such a hurry to turn them in by deadline that I forgot to purchase a new camera to photograph my final work.  I will ask Amanda to send me pics when she gets a chance.

What you see here is the nearly completed work to at least give you an idea of my work for this show.
"Death of the Moth Queen"
and "Lamenting the Queen I and II".

For a complete description of the pieces please visit my blog.

For those of you that like a little story behind a piece, here goes:

My version of the Moth Queen is based on the actual moth known in many cultures as the "Black Witch Moth" and is believed to be a bad omen.  Unfortunately for her she was found moments after her demise just outside of Kensington Gardens in England by an all too eager entomologist that thought she would make a wonderful addition to his collection. When he picked her up to study her wing pattern, to his surprise,  he realized what a rare specimen he had in his possession. He took her to his laboratory, penned fastidious notes and measurements for he realized that she had already begun to slowly disintegrate.  Upon returning to the spot where he had found her to search for more evidence, he witnessed what appeared to be 2 small creatures resembling young women weeping. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and when he looked again they were gone.  

I hope you enjoyed the preview and the story .

P.S. Now that I have Margaret Sweet and Dolly Boo back and I will be posting them on ETSY this weekend.
Thanks for visiting-Rosanna
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Next Friday the 13th is the last day to swing by Bear and Bird Gallery above Tate's Comics if you were planning to check out the Candy Apples and Razor Blades Show.

Then on November 22 begins the Small Stuff 3 Show which will include works by me and a great group of artists, I will post the details and some WIP pics of my work for that show the week after the Razor Blades show ends and the final pics on the opening day of the show.

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Summer is almost done here in Florida so I can start to work again. October brings the temperature down to the 80's so its easier to sculpt more.
I have added some photos of recent and not so recent work. I will add some more this next week. I have Margaret and Dolly Boo at Bear and Bird Gallery for their Halloween Show. I will also have some pieces for the Small Stuff 3 group show. I'm looking forward to that and then there's a show with just a few of us planned for next summer.
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Hi all!
This is my first day as a Deviant. I will be adding some work shortly. Please visit my blog for more info.
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